Better at finding the errors and helping you fix them

Tata Technologies developed i CHECK IT - the ultimate quality assurance system that works like a spellchecker during the PLM design process - after years of seeing companies get caught up in the need to simplify and standarize how they go about correcting design and data errors.

i CHECK IT automates the quality assurance process so that geographically dispersed PLM design teams can work with the same information. The ever increasing globality of today's markets and ongoing organizational change demand that smart organizations look for quality assurance and data compliance solutions like i CHECKC IT.

i CHECK IT easily integrates with CATIA V5 to automate compliance with defined standards.

This is software that is better at finding the errors and better at helping you fix them.

With i CHECK IT, engineering change orders and the need for drastic reworking late in the cycle become less frequent, and team efficiency and work quality greatly increase.

Features of i CHECK IT for CATIA V5


  • Over 330 standard checks available to enforce company CAD standards
  • Prevent design issues before releasing to manufacturing
  • Flexible architecture allows users to contribute customized checks to the add-on dictionary
  • World class CATIA integration for rapid productivity
  • Ensure consistent deliverables from outsourced or contract designers
  • Advanced reporting and tracking of design quality
  • Share consistent design data with your supply chain more easily

Works inside CATIA

  • i CHECK IT works from inside CATIA, with an integrated interface and look and feel of CATIA.

Corrective actions

  • Once i CHECK IT finds a failure, corrective actions can be applied automatically or manually so the designer can make the final decisions on updates

Interactive and documented reporting

  • i CHECK IT provides a complete interactive on-screen report of the results, as well as a Documented Report utilizing your Web browser.

Flexible drag-and-drop configuration

  • Allow Standards to be built with the over 330 checks in any order and repeated as many times as needed, with the simple drag-and-drop interface of the i CHECK IT Administrator application

Conditional checks

  • Make sure a Check runs only if certain conditions are met in a file. For example: If document name contains “Plant ABC” then all solids must be color blue

AddOn dictionary

  • Create and add custom checks to i CHECK IT with its Add-On dictionary, without any need for core i CHECK IT code to be changed or recompiled

Customizable reporting

  • i CHECK IT reports can be easily formatted to your desired templates. This customization allows you to present only the required information in a format that is familiar to your users, including branding of your organization

Integration into release process

  • Through the i CHECK IT batch process and PDM integrations i CHECK IT can automatically check CATIA designs throughout the design lifecycle - ensuring that designs conform to approved and defined standards, throughout your corporation, supplychain and customers

Some of the most popular checks

  • CATDUACompliancyBatch – validates the data integrity of a document using CATIA CATDUA
  • DocumentPropertyExcelValidation – validates property values against an external Excel file
  • DocumentTextSpellCheck – checks spelling in annotation sets and parameters
  • DrawingComponentNestedForbidden – detects 2D components that contain other nested 2D components
  • DrawingDimensionNonAssociative – detects 2D dimensions not derived from the 3D part
  • PartMaterialAnalysisPropertiesRequired – validates that an applied material has the required properties
  • PartBodyVoidSpacesForbidden – detects non-manufacturable enclosed void spaces
  • PartBodyBuriedFeatureForbidden – detects solid features completely embedded in another solid
  • SurfaceContinuity – validates surface point, tangency and curvature continuity
  • ElectricalPublicationsComplete – validates the existence and name of required electrical cavity, backshell, bundle and connector publications


1. Contact Information

How many licenses?

2. Version of CATIA Used

  • CATIA V5-6R2015 (R25)
  • CATIA V5-6R2014 (R24)
  • CATIA V5-6R2013 (R23)
  • CATIA V5-6R2012 (R22)
  • CATIA V5 R21
  • CATIA V5 R20
  • CATIA V5 R19
  • CATIA V5 R18

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