i CHECK IT for Autodesk Inventor


Better at finding the errors and helping you fix them

Tata Technologies developed i CHECK IT - the ultimate quality assurance system that works like a spellchecker during the PLM design process - after years of seeing companies get caught up in the need to simplify and standarize how they go about correcting design and data errors.

i CHECK IT automates the quality assurance process so that geographically dispersed PLM design teams can work with the same information. The ever increasing globality of today's markets and ongoing organizational change demand that smart organizations look for quality assurance and data compliance solutions like i CHECK IT.

i CHECK IT easily integrates with Autodesk Inventor to automate compliance with defined standards.

This is software that is better at finding the errors and better at helping you fix them.

With i CHECK IT, engineering change orders and the need for drastic reworking late in the cycle become less frequent, and team efficiency and work quality greatly increase.

Features of i CHECK IT for Autodesk Inventor

Works seamlessly with Autodesk Inventor

  • Works within the familiar Autodesk Inventor interface, so it acts like any other Inventor function
  • Maintains standards across all Inventor file types: IPT, IAM, IPN, IDW, and DWG

Comprehensive, customizable checks

  • Provides more than 120 standard checks - each one configurable to your organization's unique standards
  • Flexible "drag-n-drop" feature allows administrators to create a customized collection of individual standards - to be run in any order and repeated as needed
  • Allows specific checks on each Save, Save As, Save Copy As, File Exit - or on demand as required wihtin Autodesk Inventor

Convenient reports

  • Format reports to your company template using only the information you need
  • Get immediate feedback inside Autodesk Inventor with an interactive, on-screen report
  • Export HTML reports for further examination of standards compliance general information only
  • Run checks on several Inventor data files all at one time via batch reporting - and get a composite report for convenient, comprehensive reviewing

One-click fix

  • i CHECK IT not only identifies issues, but can automatically fix standards in non-compliant CAD data at the click of a button
  • Corrective actions can be applied automatically or manually, so the designer can make the final decision

Some of the top checks

  • File Name and iProperties
  • Ensure adherence to file naming conventions and popuation of Inventor iProperties
  • First Sketch Constrained to Origin
  • Ensure that you and your co-worker lock down your sketch to the parts origin - an easily forgotten yet important step. Now i CHECK IT is your double-checker.
  • Fully Constrained Sketch
  • For many users, remembering to fully constrain their sketches is easy to overlook. Now you are just one button click away from highlighting and finding anything you might have missed in your part file.
  • Part Feature Order, Part Feature Sizes and Suppressed Features Not Allowed
  • Help make better 3D part modelers out of your designers by using these checks to control and monitor your modeling best practices.
  • Adaptive and Visibility Setting
  • In the context of the assembly, use i CHECK IT's Autocorrect feature to find any parts you might have left invisible or in adaptivity mode and quickly switch them back.
  • Drawing Dimension Override
  • One of the most powerful features Inventor allows is reuse of model dimensions. Using this check ensures no one can override the texts for those powerful model dimensions.
  • Allowed Dim Styles Setting
  • CAD standards are one thing, enforcing them is another. Use this check to make sure your users use the correct company dimensions and styles in your drawings.


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  • Autodesk Inventor 2015
  • Autodesk Inventor 2014
  • Autodesk Inventor 2013
  • Autodesk Inventor 2012
  • Autodesk Inventor 2011
  • Autodesk Vault 2013
  • Autodesk Vault 2012

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